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Louisiana, the Gubernatorial Election, and Fenwick

It’s been nearly 30 years since Millicent Fenwick (R-NJ) served in the House of Representatives.  Her time in that distinguished body was relatively short, just eight years (1975-1983). Yet she is still the gold standard. In that short period of time she became a voice for ethics and integrity so much so that Walter Cronkite dubbed her the “Conscience of Congress.”

Fenwick did not hold any leadership positions, but what she did have was a bully pulpit and she practiced what she preached. Frustrated with the exorbitant amount of money being spent on election campaigns Fenwick tried to cap spending with her opponents (not always successfully), and she flatly refused all PAC money based on principle. She did not want to feel compromised by accepting any donations from special interest groups.

Today Fenwick’s voice can still be heard and not just in her home state of New Jersey. In Louisiana, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal is gearing up for his reelection campaign. Right now his only challenger this November is Democrat Tara Hollis, a school teacher. A recent donation from  “Friends of Bobby Jindal” to Hollis’s school is sparking all sorts of speculation. And, in the process, recalling one of this nation’s most principled politicians, Millicent Fenwick.

To read the op-ed paying homage to Millicent Fenwick while questioning the Jindal donation, “Jindal, Hollis, and conspiracy theories” click here: