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Andy Rooney

Most kids grow up watching cartoons, I grew up watching 60 Minutes. It was a Sunday night tradition, and still is. Over the years the correspondents came and went, but for 33-years Andy Rooney was a staple of the show. I came to love this crumudgeony fellow.

I often thought of writing him, but after watching his final commentary tonight I’m so glad I didn’t.  He made it clear he didn’t care if he was liked and that he thought even less of those who wrote him. Ouch. But, like all writers, he wanted his words to be enjoyed. They were.

p.s. November 5, 2011 – Rest in Peace

When Andy Rooney signed off last month, he left the door open to future commentaries, but it looks like that door is now closed forever. Andy Rooney died yesterday, November 4, after complications from surgery. However, his dry wit and keen observations about the mundane – junk mail, clutter, and kitchen utensils to name a few – will live on. For me he’ll always hold a special place. Not only have I spent a lifetime watching his 60 Minute commentaries, but one of the earliest writing assignments I remember was an extra credit report that my parents made me do and it was about an Andy Rooney special. I was the only kid in the class who watched the show and wrote the report. I have to admit I secretly liked the special and Andy Rooney, even back then.