Happy Birthday, Millicent

56cf67328a0fe.imageA few hours ago, Millicent Fenwick’s hometown newspaper, The Bernardsville News, posted a photo of the Millicent Fenwick statue at the train startion in the heart of town entitled “Millicent Dressed for the Weather.” It was accompanied by this caption:

“We are glad to see someone is watching over our beloved former Congresswoman Millicent Fenwick whose statue graces the sidewalk near the Bernardsville Train Station. The scarf no doubt is just the ticket in this blustery, late winter weather. But the shoe? Beats us.”

IMG_8952What the newspaper probably didn’t realize is that today would have been Millicent Fenwick’s 106th birthday. Clearly someone with a sense of humor remembered the significance of February 25th. Why the shoes? Because Garry Trudeau famously depicted Lacey Davenport in a Doonsebury election year cartoon that read “Davenport: As indispensable as sensible shoes.” On the bottom it said “Paid for by her chums.” This Trudeau original hung proudly in Millicent Fenwick’s bathroom.

Although she passed away in 1992, she is not forgotten. Happy Birthday, Millicent!




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  1. Last night at the NJ Chamber of Commerce dinner in DC, they showed a nice video of former attendees going back to Governor Hughes (or before), and there was great photo of Millicent. It would have been a nice touch to add the birthday mention.


  2. Posted by kristie Miller on February 26, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Glad you are keeping her memory alive!


  3. That’s great that she was remembered at the Chamber dinner. Elizabeth Parker, who took the photo, is the Co-Publisher/Executive Editor of the “Bernardsville News” and as she said, “it was serendipitous … I just snapped the picture on the way back from a meeting and thought up the cutline in a second.” She didn’t know it was Fenwick’s birthday, but she now plans to check the statue every year on Feb. 25th.


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