Remembering Geraldine Ferraro

Thanks to my favorite channel, C-Span, viewers tonight were able to watch a Senate tribute to Geraldine Ferraro held earlier this week. As I started watching I couldn’t help but wonder if the House of Representatives held a similar event (I guess I should watch more C-Span). What I do know is that a bipartisan group of Senators, all women, took to the Senate floor to praise the life and legacy of Geraldine Ferraro. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) shared memories of the late Congresswoman from New York who blazed a path for women. Where were the men?

I can’t end this post with out mentioning Ferraro,’s candidacy as vice president in 1984. It was no longer “men only,” said Mikulski. “She demonstrated what we could be” and, if “we went for the White House we could go for anything.” Mikulski, who organized the tribute and served in the House with Ferraro (and Fenwick), reminded everyone that it wasn’t so long ago that laws impeded the growth and ability of women to compete on an equal level. Senator Hutchison shared how both she and Ferraro had difficulty finding jobs, as women, upon graduating from law school in the 1960s. Progress has definitely been made on that front.

While Ferraro and Fenwick were from different political persuasions and backgrounds – Ferraro, blue collar; Fenwick blue blood – both were dedicated to their constituents and fought for the “little guy or gal,” said Mikulski. This week we mourn Ferraro’s passing while remembering how far we’ve come. While a woman hasn’t captured the White House yet, we’re getting closer thanks to Geraldine Ferraro and all the women who have followed.


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