Gridiron Reprise

I’m filled with Glee thanks to the Gridiron Reprise. On Saturday, President Obama got to see it and last night yours truly did. The show opened with a parody of politicians straight from Glee. The journalists sang tunes to Don’t Stop Believing and Living on a Prayer. Cheerleaders wore an R (for either Republicans or Rutgers) and D (for Democrats or Dartmouth, or, was that Duke?). Clearly, I wasn’t a cheerleader.

Among the journalists performing were Bob Schieffer, David Corn, Candy Crowley, Mark Shields and David Purdum. The evening also featured the first husband and wife to serve as presidents of the Gridiron. This year it was Susan Page and a few years back it was her husband, Carl Leubsorf. “I’m convinced the only reason why, I was president first is because I’m older”, said Leubsdorf.

Another skit featured a stage full of 2012 GOP presidential contenders including a Guiliani dressed in drag, a waving Pailn, and Mitch Daniels as himself (an earlier skit had him zooming on stage riding a motorcycle). The whole evening had me roaring and remembering why I love this city.

My only disappointment was leaving early to catch a plane just as Mark Shields was recapping Obama’s best lines from the night before. Next year, no leaving early for me!


And, what is the Fenwick connection you ask? The New Jersey State Society, of course. They offered tickets to their members for the special Sunday night reprise. I joined NJSS thanks to Fenwick, and my Jersey roots. So glad!

p.s. The biographer in me feels compelled to note that I’m in Denver so it’s still Monday here, but it’s already Tuesday on the east coast, so technically it was two nights ago.

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